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Parenting Plan

Forming a Parenting Plan

"A good parenting plan can help parents avoid a lot of headache regarding
how their children are being raised."

- Karen Estry, Esq.

Creating a Parenting Plan

When children are involved, a couple will be required to create a Parenting Plan before filing for divorce or before separation begins.

A Parenting Plan outlines all the details about how a child, or children, will be cared for, and will include:

  • A timesharing schedule and a holiday schedule,
  • Info on how the parents are to communicate with each other,
  • Details on the child's extracurricular activities, including which parent will pay the costs associated,
  • Details on which parent or parents will make medical decisions, who will pay, and which parent's insurance is to be used.
Meeting with a Lawyer

Before meeting with a lawyer for help creating a parenting plan, it may be helpful to gather the following documents, if available, and bring them to the meeting:

  • Any court documents you may have received thus far concerning your divorce proceedings,
  • Correspondence from your spouse or your spouse's attorney,
  • Any documents reflecting a previously-agreed to arrangement regarding parenting roles and responsibilities.