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    We handle Family and Estate Law for Altamonte Springs-area
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  • Estate Planning

    We provide legal support for all aspects of estate planning, probate, wills and trust matters.

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  • Child Support

    We help families understand their rights and obligations under law.

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Form a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan fully outlines how a child will be cared for, including when a child will spend time with each parent and how parental decision-making and responsibility will be shared.

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Establishing paternity can grant a father's access to birth records, medical records and school records, and allow timesharing and other rights.

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Child Support

The "needs" of a child for child support purposes are highly relative, and are established by the quality of life during the marriage.

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Estates, Wills and Trusts:

Our law firm handles estate law matters such as the formation of wills, forming family trusts, and help for families dealing with probate.

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Forming a Trust

Estate Law

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Probate Law

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Law Offices of Alper & Estry
Karen Estry, P.A.

We have over 40 years' experience here in the Altamonte Springs area helping individuals and families with a wide variety of legal matters, including estate law and divorce law.

Karen Estry is licensed to practice in Florida and North Carolina.