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Child Support

Getting Child Support Right

"Getting child support right helps ensure a child's well-being,
a primary goal of both parents."

- Karen Estry, Esq.

Child Support Factors

Gone are the days when only the father was expected to provide for the children of a marriage. Today, Divorce Courts fully expect both parents to financially support their children.

In Florida, support is determined mostly by statutory guidelines. Judges no longer have the broad discretion they once did, and they can only deviate somewhat from the statutes in certain cases.

Making and Receiving Child Support Payments

Child support is typically paid through the Florida Disbursement Unit unless both parties and the court agree that payments should be made directly to the receiving parent.

A divorce attorney can help a parent get the fair amount needed to properly take care of the children, and help protect against over-reaching spouses wishing to take advantage of an already difficult situation.