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The Dangers of Internet Wills

In today’s day and age, the internet can help you do just about everything much more quickly and efficiently. You can pay your bills, schedule appointments, and even shop for just about anything. However, not everything that can be done on the inte…
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Why Do I Need a Will?

Preparing a Last Will and Testament is never the first thing on a person’s mind. In fact, it’s really not something anyone wants to think about. It reminds us that one day, we will leave this earth and those we love behind. However, it is for tha…
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Estate Planning- Preparing for the Future

Estate Planning At some point in life, we all wonder “What will happen to my family when I die?” The idea of our mortality is often terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning your estate with a few documents ahead of time is on…
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Will setting up a trust help my family avoid probate after I am gone?

This is a question frequently asked of any lawyer who handles probate and estate planning matters. The correct, and frustrating answer to that question is, “It all depends.” A trust can be a tool used to seamlessly transfer your property, such as…
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