Can I Handwrite My Will?

In the United States, 26 states allow for wills to be handwritten. Florida is one of the 24 that does not, so your official Will itself must be typed. However, Florida law allows you to refer to a list made separately from your Will which states who will receive certain items of personal property. Your Will may include a reference to such a list. The list can dispose of only personal household goods such as items of furniture, jewelry, sporting goods, tools and so forth. You cannot dispose of cash, bank accounts, stock, insurance policies, real estate, or other non-personal property in your list. It must be in your own handwriting (not typed on a computer) and should also be signed and dated. It is not required for such a list to be witnessed, as it is for a Will itself. This list is best kept with your Will, if it is possible, and if not must be found within 30 days of the date your Will is found or else it cannot be used regardless of your wishes.