Where Should I Store My Will?

Your Will is an important document and should be stored safely. Although our office will keep a copy of your Will, you have the only original. If the original Will is destroyed, lost or unable to be found despite reasonable searches, a copy must go through the process of being “reestablished” as the original, which can complicate the period following your death and thus make a difficult time even more difficult. As such, keeping the original Will discoverable while also keeping it safe is of the upmost importance.
The choice of where to keep your Will is yours. You can keep the Will in a safe place at home such as a private safe, filling cabinet, or desk, but you could be burglarized, a fire could destroy it, or it may be difficult to locate. Alternatively, you can choose to place it in a safety deposit box. If you choose to do so, this has the great benefit of being as safe as possible, but your heirs will need to obtain a court order to gain access to your safety deposit box after your death if they are not listed as joint owners of the box.