When Can I Change My Will?

Your Will can be changed at any time and for any reason, as long as you are legally competent to make the changes, unless otherwise specified in the document itself. You should review your Will periodically in order to assure yourself that it still accomplishes your objectives. Over time, people may come and go from your life, your assets could grow or diminish, and you may want different things than you did when you first executed your Will years ago. You may wish to designate a new Personal Representative or new Beneficiaries if the previous one predeceases you or your relationship changes. You may have gained or lost money and assets that lead you to desire a different distribution system among your Beneficiaries. You may have changed your mind about what you wish to be done with your remains. Regardless of the reason, you cannot change your Will at home by simply crossing out paragraphs or writing over it. If you do that, it could completely invalidate your Will. If a change becomes desirable or necessary, contact this office for another appointment to be sure it gets done properly.