How Do I Guarantee My Estate Does Not Need to Go Through Probate?

People are often confused as to whether they need to probate an estate or not, and most people do not want their own estate to have to go through probate, as it could be a lengthy and difficult process for their family and friends at an already difficult time. The best way to guarantee that your estate does not have to go through probate is to die owning nothing and owing no one. This is impractical at best, if not entirely impossible, as no one truly knows exactly when they will pass on. Frankly, most of us would prefer to leave a legacy behind for our loved ones to pass on family heirlooms, meaningful items, property, money, or other assets. This is one reason many people choose to have a Will. Having a Will that is prepared for you and clarifies your wishes can simplify the probate, if there is one, and will facilitate carrying on your legacy.